Our love of God compels us to love our neighbors. And as we love our neighbors, our love of God grows. As we love our neighbors, we more deeply imbibe of God’s love for us. For us, this is what it means to be Christlike: to love each other, and then to live out that love in our neighborhood, our city and the world.

On one hand, St. John’s is an oasis in central Troy, throwing open its doors to all people, creating a safe place where people can meet God, meet each other and find healing. AA and NA groups meet at St. John’s. During the winter months, homeless men sleep in our gym. Friends and strangers regularly enter our building seeking bread, clothing, prayers and friendship. A variety of public and private charitable organizations use our facilities to serve the children and youth of our city.

On the other hand, we are a missionary community, whose members are sent out into the world, spreading abroad what God has given us at church: the gospel of Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, made manifest in gifts of time, money and labor.

Visit St. John’s and see how the worship of God leads directly to serving the world--and how serving the world returns us to worship, full of gratitude to God.