Our Community

St. John's Church is like the city of Troy: a diverse and unlikely collection of men, women and children of all ages, sizes, shapes, colors, backgrounds, histories, interests and desires. Some are married; some are unmarried; some of us worship with our families and extended families; and some of us live alone. Three things bind us together: faith, hope and love—and as the Apostle Paul says, the greatest of these is love.

A single body made of many members, each of whom is distinct, each of whom is irreplaceable, none of whom can thrive apart from the others—this the Church as St. Paul describes it. As St. John describes it, the Church is the community of those who abide in Christ, and we abide in him as we abide in and with each other. That is the life we celebrate every time we make Communion together—and we make Communion together to further cultivate that common life.

But what God offers us in Holy Communion extends well beyond the altar. We enjoy community together every day of the week. In prayer groups, fellowship groups, youth groups, recovery groups, adult education programs, children’s programs and mission projects to our neighborhood and the world, the people of St. John’s Church are growing up together as members of an intergenerational family, sons and daughters of the living God, brothers and sisters to each other.

For more information about the community of St. John’s, Troy, contact our parish secretary at office@stjohnstroy.org.