Congrational Development

~ Congregational Development ~

Author Title
Arn, Win Catch the Age Wave: Handbook for Defective Ministry with Senior Adults
Atkinson, Clifford W. The Lay Ministers Guide to The Book of Common Prayer
Barna, George Turn-around Churches
Barna, George How to Increase Giving in Your Church: A Practical Guide to the Sensitive Task of Raising Money For Your Church or Ministry
Blackaby, Henry T. The Power of the Call
Collins, John N. Deacons and the Church: Making Connections Between Old and New
Cornerstone Vestry Resource Guide: Servants Called to Leadership
Curtin, Ralph D. Sharing Your Church Building
Cymbala, Jim Church God Blesses, The
Dudley, Carl S. Basic Steps Toward Community Ministry
Dunagin, Richard L. Beyond These Walls
Ely, Beth Wickenberg Manual for Eucharistic Visitors
Ely, Beth Wickenberg Manual for Eucharistic Ministers
Erdahl, Lowell O. 10 Habits for Effective Ministry
Erwin, Pamela J. Family Powered Church, The
Fenhagen, James C. Use Guide for Liturgy for Living
Geitz, Elizabeth Rankin Entertaining Angels: Hospitality Programs for the Caring Church
Green, Michael 1500 Illustrations for Biblical Preaching
Hesselbein, Frances On Leading Change: A Leader-to-Leader Guide
Hunter III, George G. Church for the Unchurched
Kirkpatrick, Thomas G. Small Groups in the Church
Lapsley, James N. Renewal in Late Life Through Pastoral Counseling
May, Steve Story File, The: A 1001 Contemporary Illustrations for Speakers, Writers and Preachers
Michell, Neal O. How to Hit the Ground Running
Mitchell, Leonel L. Planning the Church Year
Movement, Forward Building up the Church
Multiple, Unity Builder Devotions for Small Groups
Multiple, Creative Sermon Starters
Multiple, Building Up The Church
None, None Perfect Illustrations for Every Topic and Occasion
None, None Book of Occasional Services 2003, The
Nouwen, Henri J. M. Spirituality of Fundraising
Oden, Thomas C. Pastoral Theology: Essentials of Ministry
Payne, Bishop Claude E. Reclaiming the Great Commission: A Practical Model for Transforming the Denominations and Congregations
Plater, Ormonde Many Servants
Prehn, Yvon Ministry Marketing Made Easy: A practical Guide to Marketing you Church Message
Rainer, Thom S. Eating the Elephant
Ross, Kenneth Hearing Confessions
Scott, John Between Two Worlds
Simmons, Henry With God's Oldest Friends: Pastoral Visiting in the Nursing Home
Stairs, Jean Listening for the Soul
Steinke, Peter L. How Your Church Family Works
Streett, R. Alan Effective Invitation, The: A practical Guide for the Pastor
Swindoll, Charles R. Hand Me Another Brick
Webber, Christopher L. Vestry Handbook, The
Weeks, Andrew D. Welcome!


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