Food Pantry

The Shepherd’s Storehouse Pantry, a ministry of St. John’s Church, is open the first Saturday of each month, 10:00 a.m.-noon, and by appointment. Masks are optional. Fresh produce, eggs, and basic household and toiletry supplies are distributed on pantry day.  

Our emergency pantry continues to be open by appointment; guests may visit once in a calendar month. Staple foods and basic household and toiletry supplies are provided.

The mission of The Shepherd’s Storehouse Pantry is to faithfully serve God by sharing food with those in need, welcoming strangers into our church, building friendships with our neighbors, and sharing the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This project is funded by donations from parishioners, who having been blessed by God are eager to share His provisions and His goodness. 

For more information about how the pantry can help you and your family—or how you and your family can help the pantry--contact Gail at


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