June 2018  
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7:00 PM
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ST. JOHN’S SERVICE SCHEDULE 10:00 a.m. May 2018 to June 2018

If you cannot serve as scheduled, please find a substitute and inform the church office via email at stjohns@stjohnstroy.org
or call the office at 274-5884. Thank you!
Pat Chesterfield ~ Counters      Therese Duvil ~ Acolytes        Lois Hodkinson ~ Altar Guild         Chris Salmon ~ Flowers
St. John’s Office ~ POP,  Lectors, LEM, LEV, Ushers and Greeters


May 6 
USHERS:   Robin Prout, Bill Prout, Bob Templeton, Marilyn Carney
GREETERS:   Pat, Rielly, Nolte Baxter
ACOLYTES:   Brynna N, Lydia S, Lydia S
LECTOR:   Chris Bouchard
P.O.P:   Owen Bush
L.E.M.:  Mary Bouchard
COUNTERS:  Bill Prout, Elissa Prout
ALTAR GUILD:   Corinne Prendergast, Nolte Baxter
FLOWERS:  Sonie Hunn
May 13
USHERS:   Bob Templeton, Angie Schlossberg,  Sue Rielly, Pat Rielly
GREETERS:   Joe S, Richard Salmon
ACOLYTES:   Mary T, Nicole T, Kyle S
LECTOR:   Patricia Wilson
P.O.P:   Robin Prout
L.E.M.:  Angie Schlossberg
L.E.V:  Gail Richardson, Carol Daniel
COUNTERS:  Tim Schmehl, Dawn Stuart Weinraub
ALTAR GUILD:   Virginia Holland, Lois Hodkinson
FLOWERS:  Robin Prout
May 20
USHERS:   Chris Salmon, Richard Salmon, Bill Daniel, Jason Smith
GREETERS:   Edith Obiribea, Dale Baxter
ACOLYTES:   Maygen Bussing, Angolina B, Michael Jewett
LECTOR:   Carol Daniel
P.O.P:   Roseline Bernard
L.E.M.:  Virginia Holland
COUNTERS:  Gary Nelson, Pat Rielly
ALTAR GUILD:   Wendy Prout, Corinne Prendergast
FLOWERS:  Virginia Holland
May 27
USHERS:   Cindy Schmehl, Tim Schmehl, Bob Templeton, Marilyn Carney
GREETERS:   Winifred Johnson, Sue Rielly
ACOLYTES:   Wendy Williams, Nicolas Belber, Ann Hoback
LECTOR:   Chris Salmon
P.O.P:   Carol Daniel
L.E.M.:  Richard Salmon
L.E.V:  Lois Hodkinson, Chris Salmon
COUNTERS:  NO counting
ALTAR GUILD:   Edith Obiribea, Sue Rielly
FLOWERS:  Chris Salmon

June 3
USHERS: Tim Schmehl, Cindy Schmehl, Bob Templeton
GREETERS: Joe S, Edith Obiribea
ACOLYTES: Lydia S, Lydia S, Kyle Smith
LECTOR: Judi Goyer
P.O.P: Owen Bush
L.E.M.: Bill Daniel
COUNTERS: Bill Prout, Elissa Prout
ALTAR GUILD: MaryJane Hotaling, Nolte Baxter
FLOWERS: Sonie Hunn
COFFEE HOUR: Eileen Manz
June 10
USHERS: Chris Salmon, Richard Salmon, Jason Smith, Dale Baxter
GREETERS: Pat Rielly, Sue Rielly
ACOLYTES: Mary Thorburn, Nicole Thorburn, Brynna N
LECTOR: Linda Thorburn
P.O.P: Therese Duvil
L.E.M.: Cindy Tysiak
L.E.V: Lois Hodkinson, Chris Salmon
COUNTERS: Tim Schmehl, Dawn Stuart Weinraub
ALTAR GUILD: Virginia Holland, Lois Hodkinson
FLOWERS: Robin Prout
COFFEE HOUR: The Steele family
June 17
USHERS: Liz Shanley, Terence Shanley
GREETERS: Dale Baxter, Nolte Baxter
ACOLYTES: Kyle Smith, Michael Jewitt, Nick Belber
LECTOR: Dawn Stuart Weinraub
P.O.P: Robin Prout
L.E.M: Angie Schlossberg
COUNTERS: Pat Chesterfield, Elissa Prout
ALTAR GUILD: Mary Bouchard, Edith Obiribea
FLOWERS: Liz Shanley
COFFEE HOUR: King’s Ice Cream Shop - Church School
June 24
USHERS: Marilyn Carney, Bill Prout, Robin Prout
GREETERS: Sam Haynes, Elissa Prout
ACOLYTES: Therese Duvil, Ann Hoback, Wendy Williams
LECTOR: Vanessa Addo
P.O.P: Roseline Bernard
L.E.M.: Marissa Thorburn
L.E.V: Lois Hodkinson, Cindy Tysiak
COUNTERS: Gary Nelson
ALTAR GUILD: Lois Hodkinson, Sue Rielly
FLOWERS: Virginia Holland