Asentiontide Day 6

Day 6, The Example of George Mueller

Dear People of Saint John’s,

 In today’s video, the Rev. Canon Dave Male, Co-Director of Vision and Strategy for the Church of England, reflects on the life of George Mueller. Mueller was a 19th century evangelist of Bristol, England, who provided for more than 1700 orphans at once in the five orphanages that he founded, more than 10,000 over the course of his life. He founded 117 Christian schools. He never solicited funds, but prayed for God’s provision, and it always came. All of this is meticulously documented.

 What was striking to me as I listened to this, is that over the course of decades Mueller prayed for the same five people to come to know Christ. Three came to know Him during Mueller’s lifetime, and the final two after he died. Praying for these people to come to Christ seemed to be a greater ask for this evangelist and provider of social service and uplift than the provision of 10,000 orphans.

 Today’s film can be found here, and a Wikipedia article on George Muller can be found here.

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With every blessing,

Mtr. Judith


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