Asentiontide Day 5

Day 5, Persevering in Prayer

Dear People of Saint John’s,

 We are told by Jesus that when we pray, we must be like an annoying neighbor who just keeps knocking and knocking until we answer the door, or like a widow who so pesters an otherwise unjust judge that he finally gives her justice, if only to get rid of her. A friend once promised me that she was going to pray for me, saying, “I am going to get on God’s last nerve!”

 In today’s video, Christians reflect on persevering in intercessory prayer. It can be found here.

 You can sign up for the daily communications through the Thy Kingdom Come website. It can be found here. They will send you not only the daily videos, but a written reflection, an audio resource and something for the children. There is also a Thy Kingdom Come app for your phone that you can download through your app store.

With every blessing,

Mtr. Judith

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